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“I’ve never used your chocolate molds before. Do you have any tips?”




Thanks to our friends at Wilton, we do have some helpful tips for you!

Step 1: Place melted candy in your mold using a spoon, melting bottle or disposable decorating bag. When mold is filled, lightly tap it several times on a counter to eliminate air bubbles in the candy.

Step 2: Place the filled mold in the refrigerator or freezer until candy has set. When the underside of the candy mold appears to be frosted, you’re ready to remove the candy. If there are any dark areas on the underside of the mold, it means some of the coating is still soft. In this case, chill the mold for a few more minutes until the entire mold has a frosted appearance.

Step 3: Remove. Turn over the mold about an inch above a flat surface covered with parchment or waxed paper. Gently flex or tap the mold and out come your candies!

Let us know if you have any other questions! We are happy to help!

-The Orson H. Gygi Team

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Do you have a chocolate question?

“I’ve never tempered chocolate before… do you have a step-by-step guide?”




Yes, we do have a step-by-step guide on how to temper. We received this guide from the experts at Guittard.

Double Boiler Method:

Step 1:  The first step is to break the chocolate into pieces. (Unless, you have purchased dipping chocolate that doesn’t need to be broken).

Step 2:  Melt your chocolate in the top pan of the double boiler over water that is 130 degrees F. Use a rubber spatula in a gentle sweeping motion to stir the chocolate continually until about 2/3 of the chocolate is liquid and 1/3 of the chocolate is soft lumps. The temperature of the liquid chocolate at this point will be about 95 degrees F.

Step 3:  Take the top pan full of chocolate off the pan with boiling water and continue stirring to cool the chocolate down until the soft lumps become liquid. The temperature should be brought down to 89 degrees F (87 degrees for milk chocolate).

At this point, the chocolate should be tempered and ready to use.

Microwave Method:

Step 1:  Place chocolate in microwave-safe bowl and microwave on 50% power for 30 seconds, then stir.

Step 2:  Repeat Step 1, until 2/3 of the chocolate are liquid and 1/3 is soft lumps. The temperature of the liquid chocolate should be about 100 degrees F.

Step 3:  Take chocolate out of microwave and stir chocolate to cool it down until the soft lumps are liquid. The temperature should be cooled to 89 degrees F.

Now, it’s tempered and ready to use.

Hopefully, this tempering guide helps you! You can always make your life easier, by tempering using a machine. And don’t forget the FREE Chocolate Tempering class at our Chocolate Extravaganza. Only one week left to register! So hurry and reserve your spot!

Good luck!

-The Orson H. Gygi Team

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Do you have a chocolate question?

“I want to color my chocolate orange. I noticed you sell flavored orange chocolate, but I don’t want the flavor. I just want the color. Can I color the chocolate myself?”




Yes! You can color your chocolate. However, you can’t use just any food coloring. Since chocolate is oil-based, the food coloring has to be as well. If you used regular food color, then your chocolate would seize up, and you wouldn’t be able to use it. Be sure when adding color, to use oil-based food coloring only. We have a variety of colors to choose from!

Have fun coloring!

-The Orson H. Gygi Team

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“When using A’Peels to dip, what temperature is optimum for best coverage but also for setting up quickly? When my pretzel rods are almost set, I cover them in nuts, but it seems to take way too long to set up. There seems to be a small window of time between the toppings sliding off and the chocolate setting up before I put the toppings on. I would be so grateful for suggestions!”




It sounds like your room temperature is a little too warm. When melting chocolate, you want to be sure that your room temperature is between 60-65 degrees F. Also watch the humidity. Chocolate is fickle.

If it’s too hot in the room you are melting your chocolate in, then your chocolate takes longer to set up. You’ll dip your pretzel, and then let it set for 10-60 seconds (depending upon the humidity in your room) and then you can add your toppings.

It may take a few dips to get the hang of it… but the room temperature should make a difference for you!

If you have questions about melting A’Peels, then check out the answer to Jahna’s question.

-The Orson H. Gygi Team

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Do you have a chocolate question?

“What temperature should the A’Peels chocolate be heated to? Which melting pot is best to use to melt the A’Peels? I’ve been using a crock pot but can’t get a consistent look to my dipped chocolate.”




Let’s start with the crock pot: We suggest that you do not use a crock pot to melt chocolate. The problem with melting chocolate in a crock pot is that it gets too hot.

The A’Peels should be melted to 110 degrees F, until it is smooth and all of the lumps are gone. We recommend using a double boiler to melt chocolate. You can also use a microwave, but on half power and only for 30 second intervals at a time, stopping and stirring the chocolate in between until is smooth and at the right temperature.

Do you use a candy thermometer? We have several to choose from, and wouldn’t melt chocolate without one. The Infrared ones are a favorite of ours. They are a little pricy, but make measuring temperatures for candy making a breeze!

Let us know if you have any other questions! We are happy to help!

-The Orson H. Gygi Team

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Do you have a chocolate question?

It’s time again for another Gygi Guest Post Contest. This time we want your pie recipes.. but not-your-mama’s-pies!


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